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NFT Collection Launch | 2022

Yan and Artbinary Studio have partnered to bring the "One Life Rally NFT Collection" to life with a dynamic video commercial.

The advertisement features fast cars racing at night, with a captivating visual effect of the main character dissolving into particles.

Keywords: Crypto  |  OneLife Family  |  Supercar Racing


Main character dissolving into particles

To achieve this effect I used MOPs spread falloff as the emitter for a custom particle system. This allowed me to fine-tune the desired effect, including adjusting the particle's speed, size, and trajectory following the motion of the live footage character and ensure a seamless blend.

During the compositing stage, I merged the particles with the live footage using Fusion. By adjusting the opacity, emission and colors I was able to bring the desired effect to life.

Softwares used: Houdini  |  MOPs  |  Redshift | Fusion



Discover the Magic of VFX: An Exploration of Particles Simulation, Live Footage Editing, and Compositing

before-after-render-with-particles-human-dissolving-nft before-after-compositing-with-particles-human-dissolving-jumanji


Concept | Filming | Edit | Grading | Sound
Particles FX | Compositing

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