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Points to Surface Morph

Houdini Tutorial | Source File

The techiques found in the Houdini file, will allow you to study & learn or to seamlessly integrate the same captivating effect into your project.
Morph and deform points to cloth surface using attributes and VOPs, shading, and lighting in Redshift.

We will cover topics such as:
  1. Surface deformation with metaballs;
  2. Animated MOPs spread falloff;
  3. Points to Cloth morphing using VOPs;
  4. Procedural shading & Lighting;
  5. Scene optimisation & Render setup;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift | MOPS

RS Proxy I/O

Houdini & Redshift HDA | Usage Tutorial

Effortlessly export and import Redshift Proxy files, allowing for seamless switching between them, making your workflow faster and more efficient.

What you will get:
  1. RS Proxy HDA; 
  2. Usage tutorial;
  3. Works with Houdini FX/Indie 19.5;
  4. Updated fo Redshift 3.5.14 and above;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift

Particles Growth

Houdini Tutorial | Scene File

You will learn how to animate sci-fi particles growth after they are being simulated using mops spread/infection algorithm in Houdini and Redshift. 

We will cover topics such as:
  1. Spread mask using MOPs;
  2. Post-sim particles animation;
  3. Volume lighting;
  4. Custom shots rig;
  5. Scene optimisation;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift | MOPS

Greeble HDA

Houdini HDA | Tutorial | Scene File

Asset allows you to easily increase the complexity of almost any object by adding extra geometry over the initial mesh
You can control various settings such as extrusion/inset depth, greebles random positioning, scale, bevel, orientation, number of iterations and color/luminance mask.

What will you get with the package:
  1. Greeble HDA for Houdini FX/Indie 17-19.5;
  2. Sample scene / configured HDA / ready to use RS shader;
  3. Usage video tutorial;
  4. Tested with Redshift 3.0.27;
  5. Works with any render engine;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift 

Sphere Buildup

Houdini Tutorial | Scene File

Unlock the power of Houdini, Redshift, and Fusion to create a mesmerizing abstract reveal effect. This tutorial covers everything from setting up ACES color space to animating spread attributes, creating scan lines, and more. Suitable for both commercial and personal projects.

We will cover topics such as:
  1. Animated infection mask;
  2. Computing particles age;
  3. Animating sphere primitives;
  4. VDB Growth & Rs Shaders;
  5. Lighting, Camera & Render setup;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift | Fusion

Abstract Particles FX

Houdini Tutorial | Scene File

This free tutorial is intended mostly for beginners and for anyone that may want to learn the basics of particle simulations, Redshift instances and proxies, lighting and rendering tips.

We will cover topics such as:
  1. Particle simulation with forces;
  2. Post-sim particles attributes;
  3. Instancing custom geo at render time;
  4. Materials & Volumetric lighting;
  5. Redshift render setup;
Softwares used: Houdini | Redshift | Altus Denoiser

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