Elrond Blockchain

CG Key Visual

Scale across the Multiverse


Elrond Blockchain Key Visual | 2020

Elrond approached me to create a visually stunning representation of planet earth for their blockchain launch.

The 3D generated planet symbolizes the interconnectedness of the world and the potential of the platform to bring financial freedom to every corner of the globe.

Keywords: MultiversX  |  Blockchain  |  Earth  |  Interconectedness



Creating a CG version of Earth that fits different media

Creating a 3D rendered Earth in Houdini involves balancing quality and file size while optimizing for different formats and media. Technical skills in rendering, lighting, and texturing are required. 

My goal was to create a final result that not only functions but also meets the desired visual standards.

Softwares used: Houdini  |  Redshift  |  Fusion  |  Photoshop


Discover the power of compositing: A journey through texturing & lighting.

multiversx-earth-planet-beauty-render-fusion-layer-compositing-houdini-redshift-edited elrond-planet-clay-render-earth-layered-texturing-houdini-redshift-before-after


Texturing | Lighting | Render | Compositing

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